Sooo happy for you, congratulations!!! the Lord has opened doors no man can shut, I will never forget the words you spoke into me when I was so down, I now work in critical care makinig more than I ever imagined. Davina, I thank God much for you! GB

Hanna Shiro Kinyanjui

I have had the privilege of being able to be a part of Divine Coaching! Through this experience, it has helped me be more aggressive with my dreams. I have always been a go-getter but I sometimes would put others before myself. Going through this coaching it taught me that although I am a giver I must also take care of me and not be fearful and recognize that I am as important as everything and everyone I put before me. I had been procrastinating about returning to school to pursue another degree and found myself beginning classes in January. Thank you, Davina Carter, for inspiring me. #iam

Josetta Moss

“Working with Davina, I’ve improved personal and professional relationships and found greater balance in my life. Her techniques allowed me to recognize gifts within and to cherish my journey and provided me with an understanding of a greater sense of purpose to be obtained. I am more confident about balancing my business, children, and personal life as I move forward in achieving and pursuing my personal goals. Davina has provided me with the tools to continue on a successful path.”

Lakisha Selby

Taking Davinas Classes brought me out of a dark place because it uplifts and motivates you to move out of your comfort zone. It also taught me how to see the big picture on a grander scale. I believe that these classes teaches you to set a higher standard on your goals and how to succeed in life. It gave me a stronger mindset in order to achieve my goals. I have learned to step outside of the box and think bigger. I also learned, how to stay positive when facing different challenges during life. I believe that taking these classes will show you the bigger picture on life and beyond.

Tammy Hall